DAW Setup

Applies to PC, for MAC it works without the setting.

To be able to send Midi Patterns in the Editor track to the Minilogue (applies to all my editors) you have to check two boxes in the Editor Midi Thru menu. Then you can also play the Minilogue on your master keyboard.


Record controller automation

Before you can record the automation, you assign the controls in the Editor to the automation controls in the DAW. Only the automation movements are recorded in the DAW.  If you want to use hardware knobs (Minilogue knobs, etc.), you need to map the automation knobs to the DAW, this is done via "Midi learn".


In the Editor Track, record the automation controls and send Midi to the Minilogue

See here the example of the SE-02 editor (applies to all my editors).

MAC setup example for Logic



Attention, Logic often places the controllers on the numbers starting from 2000, then please use the "Controls View" to select in the editor.